after 5 hour surgery by ICSF

after 3-hour surgery by ICSF

after 5-hour surgery by ICSF

after 6-hour surgery by ICSF

after 4-hour surgery by ICSF

after 4-hour surgery by ICSF

Everyone Was Born To Smile

ICSF’s Mission Statement

The International Children’s Surgical Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable foundation whose purpose is to provide free corrective surgery in developing countries. We take the time and painstaking care needed to provide the best result for each surgery, train local doctors methodically, and over time, enable them to safely treat their own patients and train their own students.

Bolivia | Mexico | Peru | Pakistan | Vietnam | Philippines

2024 Mission Schedule

La Paz, Bolivia Jan 4-10

Cardiz, Philippines Feb 5-19

Pucallpa, Peru Mar 2-11

Kabankalan, Philippines Mar 18-28

La Paz, Bolivia Apr 4-11

Dipolog, Philippines Apr 22-May 2

Hai Phong, Vietnam Jul 8-13

Ozamiz, Philippines Jul 15-26 (speech therapy)

Ozamiz, Philippines Aug 26-Sep 3

La Paz, Bolivia Oct 3-10

What it feels like to be born different

In many places in the world, birth defects are not understood.  They are not treated regularly.  The children who are born with these defects are rejected and shunned as freaks.  They are thought of as monsters and their entire families are feared and mistreated.  Sometimes, the children are even left to die.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have no friends, to be mocked and hated and feared in your neighborhood?  To have everyone you look at run away in fear? Can you imagine your whole family being excluded from every activity in town and hated?

The power of kindness.

Luckily, there is hope.  Doctors like Dr. Geoff Williams are dedicating their lives to travel the world and use their skills and their time to give these children the smiles they were meant to have.

Thanks to generous donations from people like you, we are able to provide life-changing surgeries that make all the difference.

Quality Surgery Takes Time

While other organizations limit surgery times for each surgery, Dr. Williams felt that each child deserved to have the best surgery he could give them.  Often, these surgeries take quite a bit of time.  This raises the cost, but also improves the outcome greatly.

A Mother’s Prayer

ICSF has performed more than 3,000 surgeries on needy children in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Kenya, Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Guatemala, Thailand, the Philippines, and Tanzania.

Watch this touching video of why Dr. Williams started the ICSF and how it has helped thousands of children throughout the world.

Winston Fiore’s
Smiletrek for ICSF

Winston Fiore’s 5,000-mile walk through Southeast Asia in an effort to raise funds for ICSF surgeries in the developing world. Read Winston’s blog.


We need your help.

With the increased cost of travel, your donations are needed now more than ever.

Because of generous donations from people like you, many children will get the necessary surgeries that could drastically change their lives and the lives of their entire families.

We are counting on the kindness of people like you to help us in whatever way you can.  Big donations are great, but even small donations help.  And when you share our cause with others, it helps even more.

What can you give today to help a child for the rest of their life?